Thursday, December 9, 2010

The start of my journey

To me, culture is something that we learn from our family and our surroundings. Since birth, we are not bound to any culture as there is no biological connection of culture from our parents. Culture defines us and is an essential part of the society.

In the family, I'm born as a Javanese (at least that was what is written on my identification card) since my parents and grandparents are one too. However, since born I wasn't expose to the Javanese culture but instead was taught more of the Malay culture that is more prominent in our society. Having said that, the older generation in my family tree such as my grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles kept a certain part of the Javanese culture; communication. At times, during family gathering, the young ones will be appaled with the language that they are speaking and it actually encourages me to find out more about the Java Island of Indonesia.

So for this assignment on hand, I'll be doing an in-depth study of Java to find out the true essence of the culture and traditions of the place. With a case-study of Jakarta, the metropolitan and capital city of Indonesia. Follow me through my blog, as I discover more about my ancestry culture and develop a sense of understanding of the city. In addition, I'll be analysing on the changes that have been brought about by the growth of tourism in Jakarta and as I go along, to be able to spot the elements of modernization, globalisation and also "Disneyfication" in this metropolitan city.

In this blog, I'll be covering on:
1. History of the Java Island
2. The people in the society
3. Culture & traditions
4. Tourism in Jakarta
5. Impacts of tourism

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