Monday, November 29, 2010

The end of my learning journey

It has been an interesting and enlightening journey for me in discovering more about Jakarta!

In my opinion, the effects of globalisation and modernization is inevitable in the world that we live in today. The world is connected by an invinsible thread. This thread connects us as to how we are able to share information, travel and many more!

From this journey, I've gained a deeper insight to how globalisation could affect the society and culture of the country. With globalisation, tourism is made possible. People are able to travel around to gain more knowledge, increase their experience and many more. In return, the tourist's destination benefits from the increasing trend of tourism as tourism receipts increase, contributing to the country's economy and also gain more recognition in the world map.

However, one should also not forget the negative outcomes that may arise from globalisation and modernization. The most important being, the loss of its local culture. A country should not be too immersed into the benefits of globalisation that it totally forgets its true identiy. The society should be involved to ensure that the culture of its country is not drowning in the fast pace of modernization.

With that, I thank you reader for following me through my journey this pass few days! I hope that you've enjoyed reading and also gained an insight of Jakarta and a greater understanding of how tourism could affect the society and culture of one place as much as I did!

Thank you!

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