Saturday, December 4, 2010

Traditional costumes

Traditional costumes
Just like the other ethnic groups, the Betawi group has its specific dress for man and woman.

For the man, a traditonal man's costume will include:

•A thight - length coat with normal trousers,
•Slip - on shoes
•Traditional Betawi headgear
•A special belt, called lokcan
•A dagger slipped in the belt
•A watch chain with a tiger claw attached

As for the woman, their traditional costume will include:

•A long Kebaya with buttened cuffs
•A sarong with the lasem motif
•A sarong with the lasem motif
•Pointed sandals with low heels

•A hair - piece of the cepol type
•A veil matching the kebaya
•A heavy gold or silver belt
•A three - teir brooch to fasten the kebaya
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The tradtional costumes are usually worn during special occasions such as wedding ceremony or traditional performances. It is uncommon to see people of Jakarta wearing the traditional costume as part of their daily life.
In my opinion, modernization has inevitably changed the way people dress themselves. Younger generations usually won't be able to see the true beauty of its traditional costumes. Often enough this costumes are only shown during certain events, and at times younger generations are not exposed to its traditional costumes. In addition, there are often signs of commodifications as one changes the design of the traditional costume in order to meet the changing time of fashion.

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